What is CPD (Continuing Professional Development)?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involves ongoing learning to maintain and enhance skills.

What are the benefits of CPD courses?

CPD continuing professional development

Value to Individual: CPD courses enhance skills, career progression, and job satisfaction by keeping knowledge current.

Value to Employer: They improve workforce competency, productivity, and innovation, and ensure compliance with industry standards, contributing to organizational success.

What is the International Value of CPD?

Individual: Enhances global career mobility, up-to-date skills, and marketability across industries and regions.

Employer: Boosts organizational performance, compliance with international standards, and innovation.

CPD can encompass any course, even non-accredited ones, allowing flexible learning tailored to professional needs.

What are CPD points?

CPD points track Continuing Professional Development, showing completion of training or learning activities.

Value: They ensure up-to-date skills, enhance career opportunities, and boost professional credibility by demonstrating commitment to lifelong learning.

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